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We specialise in Party Wall issues that come up when you, or your neighbours plan to carry out building works (close to or on the boundary).

Building works can be stressful. Whether you’re doing them or your neighbour is, the Party Wall Act, 1996 has an important role to play and mistakes could mean delays or losses.

Let us walk you through the process, provide advice and support while dealing with all the legal intricacies for you. We ensure the party wall process is easy and straightforward, with no hidden costs to you.


You can easily reach us by phone or by filling in your query on our website. We respond within 24 hours and take it forward from there. 

Services at a Glance

Advice on whether the Party Wall process is for you

We provide initial advice for you to ascertain whether the Part Wall Act applies to your unique circumstances. Sometimes, only part of your building works are notifiable. After discussions and inspecting plans, we render specialist advice regarding the best course of action for your needs.

Party Wall Notices

You would need to serve notices on adjoining owners likely to be affected by the intended works. We prepare and deliver these notices in accordance with the Act. We carry out necessary searches and liaise with other professionals involved.

Surveying the condition of the Party Wall or Party Structures

We prepare site inspection reports called Schedules of Condition. We carry these out to ensure to record the condition of the adjoining property to see if there has been any damage as a consequence of the works. 

Party Wall Awards

We draw up Party Wall Awards (Agreements), where terms and conditions are set out before the works commence. If appointed as Agreed Surveyor (representing both you and your neighbour), we examine all the facts carefully before rendering our independent Award.

Independent Advice and Negotiating

We provide you with independent advice through all the stages.

​Step by Step resolution to your Party Wall Dispute

We support our clients with advice and guidance to ensure that there is a resolution to the dispute.

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Headed by Farshid Nosrati (Bsc PGDip Msc MFPWS). KDN Surveyors offer a range of building surveying services specialising in Party Wall Services and cover Greater London and the surrounding areas.​​

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and personal involvement towards our clients requirements. If you are looking for a professional yet flexible approach to all your property matters then call me for an informative chat.

We are regulated by the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors. 

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